Changing To The Vegan Diet

Changing To The Vegan Diet
Table Of Contents
  1. Do vegans suffer from protein deficiency?
  2. How can the vegan diet change be executed?
  3. The obstacle workplace
  4. Additional motivation through health benefits
  5. Earlier hunger feelings
  6. Constant dripping wears away the stone

Vegans or the ones, who want to become one, are often confronted with the following questions: "What can you eat at all?" and "Where do you get you proteins from?“- These questions can be answered quite easily.

To the first question: A lot. There are many vegan foods you may never have heard of. Often, after the change vegans determine that their diet is more varied and richer than before. For every animal product, there already is a plant-based alternative – even in the convenience food sector (e.g. pizza and burgers). Concerning long terms, more and more vegan products will find the way to the supermarkets, because the vegan market is growing strongly.

Do vegans suffer from protein deficiency?

The protein question can be answered even easier, because many plant foods like legumes or nuts contain more protein than meat and dairy products. Vegans can cover the daily need of proteins very easy! See vegan foods rich in protein.

How can the vegan diet change be executed?

Prejudices, you could not live without meat and milk, are simply not true. We and many other vegans live very well with the vegan lifestyle. Additionally, we are healthy like never before. There may be doubts in the beginning, but they will disappear with some time.

The easiest way to become vegan is to do small steps. You can replace more and more animal products with plant products in regular distances. You can for instance start with cow milk and end with meat. Sure, you can give up all animal products at the same time, for instance if you have seen a cruel video of the keeping and slaughter of animals. By buying these products, you support the despiteous methods. This requires some previous knowledge, so that there will be no deficiency symptoms. They are not only a vegan problem by the way, in average the vegans live explicitly healthier than omnivores. If you already dealt with the diet, the conscious abstinence can be a proof of your resoluteness. For many people, it’s easier to end eating animal products abruptly. That would be our and the animals’ favorite!

A slower change is also possible, so that you can get used to the new foods and flavors step by step. Keep looking for vegan foods continuing. Try many several products. The more you try out, the more tasty things you will find. In the beginning, it can be a little time-consuming to study the ingredients over and over, but by and by you learn which products are vegan. Alternatively, you can order vegan foods in the internet. This is an easy way to transform your shopping list. Additionally, discounters add more and more vegan foods to their assortment. There is a plant alternative for every animal product!

The approaches in detail:

  • Immediate abstinence, dealing with the vegan diet intensively, including the possible deficiency symptoms
  • Buy less animal products every week, add more plant ones to initiate the change
  • Constrict the meals, you normally eat meat/ cold meat, so that the animal part becomes smaller
  • Replace cow milk with plant drinks like rice or oat drink.
  • Try out new products, you may already have read of in the internet or you have seen in TV, like quinoa, chia seeds, vegan cheese or steak. If they taste good to you, you can replace them and you do not have to buy the animal equivalent anymore.
  • Also look for vegan sweets or create them by yourself, bake pies for instance. The vegan kitchen can be special fun! Additionally, you can offer these sweets to your friends and relatives.
  • Compare your notes with your friends, whether they know any vegan products already. You maybe can exchange vegan recipes and share experiences.

Which of these ways you choose, or if you go your own way going vegan, is up to you.

By and by, you can add more plant products to your meals and cancel foods with animal sources, so that they do not find the way to your plate anymore. Additionally, by eating plants and herbs you can develop many new flavors.

This is a way to deepen the interest, to deal more intensive with the vegan diet, try recipes and transfer the new lifestyle to other areas of life like natural cosmetics and clothing. In the beginning, you may be overstrained by the mass of new information, but with time going by, you collect more experiences and the new lifestyle becomes routine.

The obstacle workplace

A more difficult case you have, if you cannot buy any vegan meals near your workplace. Then, you often only have the possibility to take something self-made to work.

Additional motivation through health benefits

The numerous health benefits of the vegan diet can also be a motivation. Often, athletes and body builders consume too much animal protein. Many people don’t know that the plant proteins are healthier, because they contain less sulphurous amino acids. Moreover, the composition of fatty acids also is worse in animal foods, because they contain too many saturated fatty acids, which demonstrably makes your body thicker and increases the cholesterol level.

Vegans have to make sure, that the relation of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is well-balanced, because the plant-based diet is usually rich in omega-6 fatty acids. This imbalance can provoke diseases. In addition, vegans should pay attention to the consumption of enriched B12 foods, beverages or B12 supplements to prevent a B12 deficiency.

Earlier hunger feelings

After the change to the vegan diet, you may feel that the hunger feeling starts earlier. This also comes from the higher amount of fibers you consume by eating plants. They do not last in the body as long as animal products. Therefore, it is important to eat in regular intervals, to avoid a permanent hungry feeling. After a few weeks your digestive tract got used to the new diet. And with a varied diet you will not have any problems with deficiency symptoms.

Constant dripping wears away the stone

To keep the vegan diet from remaining a head object, try it and find out how it can affect your life in a positive way. If the change is difficult to you, it is important to keep to it, because the constant dripping wears the rock away. In the end you change your eating habits even now, that you have had for many years.