Nutrients And Calories For Plants And Vegan Foods

00 Pizza Flour
357 kcal74.4 g1.52 g11.4 g
Acacia Seeds (Wattle Seeds)
283 kcal10.5 g6.1 g20.3 g
Acai Berry Drink
62 kcal12.83 g830 mg830 mg
32 kcal7.69 g300 mg400 mg
Acerola Juice
23 kcal4.8 g300 mg400 mg
Acorn Flour
501 kcal54.65 g30.17 g7.49 g
Acorn Squash
40 kcal10.42 g100 mg800 mg
Acorn Squash, cooked
56 kcal14.58 g140 mg1.12 g
387 kcal40.75 g23.86 g6.15 g
Acorns, dried
509 kcal53.66 g31.41 g8.1 g
Adzuki Beans
329 kcal62.9 g530 mg19.87 g
Adzuki Beans, cooked
128 kcal24.77 g100 mg7.52 g
Adzuki Beans, sweetened + canned
237 kcal55.01 g30 mg3.8 g
68 kcal16.23 g150 mg520 mg
Agave Nectar (Agave Syrup)
310 kcal76.37 g450 mg90 mg
Agave, cooked
135 kcal32 g290 mg990 mg
Agave, dried
341 kcal81.98 g690 mg1.71 g
Alfalfa Sprouts
23 kcal2.1 g690 mg3.99 g
Allspice, ground
263 kcal72.12 g8.69 g6.09 g
Almond Butter
614 kcal18.82 g55.5 g20.96 g
Almond Flour
622 kcal16.2 g50.2 g26.2 g
Almond Milk
15 kcal580 mg1.1 g590 mg
Almond Milk With Chocolate Flavor
50 kcal9.38 g1.25 g630 mg
Almond Milk With Vanilla Flavor, sweetened
38 kcal6.59 g1.04 g420 mg
Almond Milk, with Chocolate Flavor + vitamin D2, E
21 kcal1.25 g1.46 g830 mg
Almond Oil
884 kcal0 g100 g0 g
Almond Paste
458 kcal47.81 g27.74 g9 g
579 kcal21.55 g49.93 g21.15 g
Almonds, blanched
590 kcal18.67 g52.52 g21.4 g
Almonds, roasted + salted
598 kcal21.01 g52.54 g20.96 g
Aloe Vera Juice, with Vitamin C
15 kcal3.75 g0 g0 g
Amaranth Flour
384 kcal68.8 g6.24 g13.2 g
Amaranth Grain
371 kcal65.25 g7.02 g13.56 g
Amaranth Grain, cooked
102 kcal18.69 g1.58 g3.8 g
Amaranth Leaves
23 kcal4.02 g330 mg2.46 g
Amaranth Leaves, cooked
21 kcal4.11 g180 mg2.11 g
Ancho Peppers (Poblano), dried
281 kcal51.42 g8.2 g11.86 g
Anise Seed
337 kcal50.02 g15.9 g17.6 g
52 kcal13.81 g170 mg260 mg
Apple Juice
46 kcal11.3 g130 mg100 mg