Nutrition Facts Of Herbs And Spices - List

Nutmeg, ground
525 kcal49.29 g36.31 g5.84 g
Mustard Seed, ground
508 kcal28.09 g36.24 g26.08 g
Pesto Rosso
502 kcal9 g50.4 g6.2 g
Basil Almond Pesto
492 kcal3.93 g52 g3 g
Mace, ground
475 kcal50.5 g32.38 g6.71 g
Mustard Powder
449 kcal18.8 g28.7 g28.9 g
Celery Seed
392 kcal41.35 g25.27 g18.07 g
Cumin Seed
375 kcal44.24 g22.27 g17.81 g
Ginger, candied
368 kcal92.5 g0 g0 g
Chives, freeze-dried
351 kcal64.3 g3.5 g21.2 g
Fennel Seed
345 kcal52.29 g14.87 g15.8 g
Pumpkin Pie Spice
342 kcal69.28 g12.6 g5.76 g
Onion Powder
341 kcal79.12 g1.04 g10.41 g
Anise Seed
337 kcal50.02 g15.9 g17.6 g
Ginger, ground
335 kcal71.62 g4.24 g8.98 g
Caraway Seed
333 kcal49.9 g14.59 g19.77 g
Rosemary, dried
331 kcal64.06 g15.22 g4.88 g
Garlic Powder
331 kcal72.73 g730 mg16.55 g
Curry Powder
325 kcal55.83 g14.01 g14.29 g
Matcha (Green Tea Powder)
324 kcal39.5 g5.3 g29.6 g
Fenugreek Seed
323 kcal58.35 g6.41 g23 g
Red Pepper / Cayenne Pepper
318 kcal56.63 g17.27 g12.01 g
Sage, ground
315 kcal60.73 g12.75 g10.63 g
Bay Leaf
313 kcal74.97 g8.36 g7.61 g
Turmeric, ground
312 kcal67.14 g3.25 g9.68 g
311 kcal68.47 g6.7 g10.76 g
310 kcal65.37 g5.85 g11.43 g
Dill Seed
305 kcal55.17 g14.54 g15.98 g
Tomato Powder
302 kcal74.68 g3.92 g12.91 g
Coriander Seed
298 kcal54.99 g17.77 g12.37 g
White Pepper
296 kcal68.61 g2.12 g10.4 g
Tarragon, dried
295 kcal50.22 g7.24 g22.77 g
Parsley, dried
292 kcal50.64 g5.48 g26.63 g
292 kcal46.13 g10.9 g2.23 g
Vanilla Extract
288 kcal12.65 g60 mg60 mg
Spearmint, dried
285 kcal52.04 g6.03 g19.93 g
Chili Powder
282 kcal49.7 g14.28 g13.46 g
Paprika Powder
282 kcal53.99 g12.89 g14.14 g
Coriander Leaves, dried
279 kcal52.1 g4.78 g21.93 g
Thyme, dried
276 kcal63.94 g7.43 g9.11 g