Nutrition Facts Of Juices And Beverages - List

252 kcal96 mg0 g0 g
Coconut Milk
230 kcal5.54 g23.84 g2.29 g
Coconut Milk, canned
197 kcal2.81 g21.33 g2.02 g
Mulled Wine (Gluhwein / Glug)
113 kcal10.3 g140 mg100 mg
Sweet White Wine
96 kcal5.9 g0 g200 mg
83 kcal3.29 g0 g70 mg
Red Wine
82 kcal2.63 g0 g70 mg
Prune Juice
71 kcal17.45 g30 mg610 mg
Soymilk With Chocolate, with calcium, vitamin A, D
63 kcal9.95 g1.53 g2.26 g
Guava Nectar
63 kcal16.25 g60 mg90 mg
Cranberry-Apple Juice Drink
63 kcal15.85 g110 mg0 g
Soymilk With Chocolate Flavor
63 kcal9.95 g1.53 g2.26 g
Acai Berry Drink
62 kcal12.83 g830 mg830 mg
Pear Nectar
60 kcal15.76 g10 mg110 mg
Grape Juice
60 kcal14.77 g130 mg370 mg
Guanabana Nectar
59 kcal14.93 g170 mg110 mg
Papaya Nectar
57 kcal14.51 g150 mg170 mg
Tamarind Nectar
57 kcal14.73 g120 mg90 mg
Apricot nectar
56 kcal14.39 g90 mg370 mg
Ginger Shot
56 kcal13.9 g0 g600 mg
Sparkling Grape Juice, non-alcoholic
55 kcal13.7 g0 g200 mg
Peach Nectar
54 kcal13.92 g20 mg270 mg
Cherry Juice
54 kcal13.81 g20 mg910 mg
Pomegranate Juice
54 kcal13.13 g290 mg150 mg
Soymilk With Vanilla Flavor
54 kcal6.28 g1.75 g3.27 g
Pineapple Juice
53 kcal12.87 g120 mg360 mg
Passion Fruit Juice
51 kcal13.6 g50 mg390 mg
Orange and Apricot Juice Drink
51 kcal12.7 g100 mg300 mg
Mango Nectar
51 kcal13.12 g60 mg110 mg
Almond Milk With Chocolate Flavor
50 kcal9.38 g1.25 g630 mg
Pineapple and Orange Juice Drink
50 kcal11.8 g0 g1.3 g
Oat Milk, fresh
48 kcal5.1 g2.75 g800 mg
Kiwi Strawberry Juice
47 kcal12.26 g0 g0 g
Rice Drink, with calcium, vitamin A, D
47 kcal9.17 g970 mg280 mg
Cranberry Juice
46 kcal12.2 g130 mg390 mg
Apple Juice
46 kcal11.3 g130 mg100 mg
Grapefruit Juice, sweetened
46 kcal11.13 g90 mg580 mg
Vegetable and Fruit Juice Blend, with vitamin A, C, E
46 kcal11.15 g10 mg300 mg
45 kcal3.45 g2.12 g3.55 g
Orange Juice
45 kcal10.4 g200 mg700 mg