Nutrition Facts Of Nuts And Seeds - List

Pili Nuts
719 kcal3.98 g79.55 g10.8 g
Macadamia Nuts
718 kcal13.82 g75.77 g7.91 g
Macadamia Nuts, roasted
718 kcal13.38 g76.08 g7.79 g
Macadamia Nuts, dry roasted + salted
716 kcal12.83 g76.08 g7.79 g
Pecans, roasted
710 kcal13.55 g74.27 g9.5 g
Pecans, roasted + salted
710 kcal13.55 g74.27 g9.5 g
691 kcal13.86 g71.97 g9.17 g
Coconut Powder
675 kcal12.4 g66.2 g8.1 g
Pine Nuts
673 kcal13.08 g68.37 g13.69 g
659 kcal11.74 g67.1 g14.32 g
Hickory Nuts
657 kcal18.25 g64.37 g12.72 g
654 kcal13.71 g65.21 g15.23 g
Walnuts, roasted + salted
643 kcal17.86 g60.71 g14.29 g
Pinyon Pine Nuts, dried
629 kcal19.3 g60.98 g11.57 g
Hazelnuts (Filberts)
628 kcal16.7 g60.75 g14.95 g
Hemp Seeds, Without Hull
625 kcal6.4 g53.6 g33 g
Almond Flour
622 kcal16.2 g50.2 g26.2 g
Black Walnuts
619 kcal9.58 g59.33 g24.06 g
Sunflower Seed Butter
617 kcal23.32 g55.2 g17.28 g
Almond Butter
614 kcal18.82 g55.5 g20.96 g
Almonds, roasted + salted
598 kcal21.01 g52.54 g20.96 g
Sesame Butter (Tahini)
595 kcal21.19 g53.76 g17 g
Vegan Chocolate With Hazelnuts
593 kcal51.8 g40.8 g8.2 g
Almonds, blanched
590 kcal18.67 g52.52 g21.4 g
Cashew Butter
587 kcal27.57 g49.41 g17.56 g
Sunflower Seed Kernels
584 kcal20 g51.46 g20.78 g
Sunflower Seed Kernels, roasted
582 kcal24.07 g49.8 g19.33 g
579 kcal21.55 g49.93 g21.15 g
576 kcal33.5 g50 g6.2 g
Pumpkin and Squash Seed Kernels, roasted
574 kcal14.71 g49.05 g29.84 g
Cashew Nuts, roasted + salted
574 kcal32.69 g46.35 g15.31 g
Sesame Seeds
573 kcal23.45 g49.67 g17.73 g
Pistachio Nuts, roasted
572 kcal28.28 g45.82 g21.05 g
Pistachio Nuts, roasted + salted
569 kcal27.55 g45.82 g21.05 g
Sesame Seeds, roasted
565 kcal25.74 g48 g16.96 g
Pistachio Nuts
560 kcal27.17 g45.32 g20.16 g
Pumpkin and Squash Seed Kernels
559 kcal10.71 g49.05 g30.23 g
Watermelon Seed Kernels
557 kcal15.31 g47.37 g28.33 g
Cashew Nuts
553 kcal30.19 g43.85 g18.22 g
Hemp Seeds With Hull
553 kcal8.67 g48.75 g31.56 g