Nutrition Facts Of Grain And Cereals - List

Popcorn, with oil
583 kcal45.06 g43.55 g7.29 g
Tortilla Chips
497 kcal67.4 g22.3 g6.62 g
Chow Mein Chinese Noodles
475 kcal72.8 g15.43 g8.11 g
Corn Tostada Shells
474 kcal64.43 g23.38 g6.15 g
Taco Shells, baked
468 kcal62.4 g22.6 g7.2 g
418 kcal69.5 g12.2 g7 g
Rice Crackers
416 kcal82.64 g5 g10 g
Rice Protein Isolate Powder
416 kcal0 g0 g77.36 g
409 kcal79.7 g5.9 g10.8 g
Wholemeal Wheat Crispbread
408 kcal63.7 g9.7 g9.8 g
405 kcal70.4 g11.1 g9.4 g
Oat, popped (Oat Pops)
405 kcal79.6 g7.6 g9 g
Wheat Crispbread
399 kcal67.2 g8.4 g11.3 g
391 kcal82.8 g640 µg12.76 g
389 kcal66.27 g6.9 g16.89 g
387 kcal77.78 g4.54 g12.94 g
Rice Cakes
387 kcal83.4 g2.8 g8.2 g
Quinoa Flour
385 kcal69.5 g6.6 g11.9 g
Puff Pastry, ready-to-bake
385 kcal36.7 g24.3 g5.7 g
Amaranth Flour
384 kcal68.8 g6.24 g13.2 g
Pretzel Sticks
384 kcal80.4 g4.3 g10 g
Millet Flour
382 kcal75.12 g4.25 g10.75 g
Corn Starch
381 kcal91.27 g50 mg260 mg
Corn Flakes, frosted
381 kcal88.9 g800 mg5.3 g
Oatmeal (Oat Flakes)
379 kcal67.7 g6.52 g13.15 g
Kamut (Khorasan Wheat), puffed/popped
378 kcal84.9 g1.96 g6.68 g
378 kcal72.85 g4.22 g11.02 g
White Rice, parboiled
374 kcal80.89 g1.03 g7.51 g
Cornf Flakes
374 kcal84.5 g1.4 g7.5 g
Corn Grits, white, dry
371 kcal79.6 g1.2 g8.8 g
371 kcal59.87 g3.25 g25.56 g
Amaranth Grain
371 kcal65.25 g7.02 g13.56 g
371 kcal74.67 g1.51 g13.04 g
Glutinous Rice
370 kcal81.68 g550 mg6.81 g
Vital Wheat Gluten (Seitan Powder)
370 kcal13.79 g1.85 g75.16 g
Millet Flakes
370 kcal73.9 g3.3 g12.1 g
Farina, dry
369 kcal78 g500 mg10.6 g
368 kcal64.16 g6.07 g14.12 g
Kaniwa (Canihua)
368 kcal61.4 g7.6 g15.7 g
Red Rice
368 kcal80.6 g2.9 g7 g