Nutrition Facts Of Vegetables - List

Potato Chips
532 kcal53.8 g34 g6.39 g
411 kcal15 g9.4 g63.1 g
Spirulina Powder
375 kcal17.8 g4.3 g63 g
Maca Powder
360 kcal71.4 g3.6 g14 g
Potato Flour
357 kcal83.1 g340 mg6.9 g
Cassava Flour
357 kcal87.3 g490 mg920 mg
Instant Mashed Potato Powder
350 kcal85.5 g500 mg8.2 g
Pasilla Peppers, dried
345 kcal51.13 g15.85 g12.35 g
Celery Flakes, dried
319 kcal63.7 g2.1 g11.3 g
Potato Starch
318 kcal74.5 g500 mg0 g
Beetroot Powder
316 kcal83 g1.32 g10.3 g
Spirulina, dried
290 kcal23.9 g7.72 g57.47 g
Ancho Peppers (Poblano), dried
281 kcal51.42 g8.2 g11.86 g
Carrot Powder
277 kcal79.3 g1.99 g5.62 g
Potato Patties
272 kcal28.88 g17.04 g2.58 g
Kanpyo (Dried Gourd Strips)
258 kcal65.03 g560 mg8.58 g
Tomatoes, sun-dried
258 kcal55.76 g2.97 g14.11 g
Seaweed Sheets (Nori, dried)
225 kcal44.4 g1.5 g30.7 g
Sun-dried Tomatoes Packed In Oil
213 kcal23.33 g14.08 g5.06 g
Nettle Leaves, dried
204 kcal40.4 g2.9 g20 g
Kelp Powder
200 kcal62 g3.85 g5.3 g
French Fried Potatoes, salted + oven-heated
199 kcal31.66 g6.76 g2.9 g
Potato Puffs
192 kcal27.29 g9.05 g2.13 g
Kombu, dried
188 kcal54.6 g1.3 g7.1 g
Yeast Extract Spread
185 kcal20.42 g900 mg23.88 g
Kale Chips, With Cooking Oil
166 kcal8.7 g15.1 g2.8 g
Sweet Potato Puffs
161 kcal30.72 g3.58 g1.36 g
160 kcal38.06 g280 mg1.36 g
Cassava, bioled
151 kcal32.7 g300 mg1.2 g
149 kcal33.06 g500 mg6.36 g
Potato Wedges, baked
148 kcal20.5 g6.3 g2.3 g
Gnocchi, boiled
148 kcal29.1 g900 mg4.2 g
Taro, cooked
142 kcal34.6 g110 mg520 mg
Onions, sauteed
132 kcal7.86 g10.8 g950 mg
Sweet Pickle Relish
130 kcal35.06 g470 mg370 mg
118 kcal27.88 g170 mg1.53 g
Yam, cooked
116 kcal27.48 g140 mg1.49 g
Hearts Of Palm
115 kcal25.61 g200 mg2.7 g
112 kcal26.46 g200 mg1.5 g
Wasabi Root
109 kcal23.54 g630 mg4.8 g