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High Protein Foods / Vegan Protein Sources

High Protein Foods / Vegan Protein Sources
Table Of Contents
  1. Legumes Are Rich In Protein
  2. Grain Has A Higher Protein Content
  3. Pseudo Grain Is Rich In Vegetable Protein
  4. Nuts And Seeds As Vegetable Protein Bombs
  5. Vegetable Protein In Mushrooms
  6. High Protein Fruit
  7. Vegetables High In Protein
  8. Vegan Processed Products With Protein

Proteins, which are composed of amino acids, are contained in numerous plant foods in larger quantities. Nevertheless, the rumor that too few proteins are taken in with a vegan diet still persists. However, all the vegans can rest assured that plant foods contain sufficient protein - enough to cover the protein requirement easily!

Only the ones who eat unbalanced have to be concerned. A deficiency of protein can be nearly excluded with a varied diet.

Here you can find our list of foods that contain much protein.

Below, we have summarized some selected plant-based foods with a high protein content, which should regularly land on the table if you are a vegan.

Legumes Are Rich In Protein

Legumes have a very high protein content. Therefore, they are some of the best plant sources of protein. Beans of any kind contain lots of protein. Cooked kidney beans (8.7 grams per 100 g), kidney beans (9.7 g) and soybeans (16.6 g) are very good examples. Lentils (9 g), chickpeas (8.9 g), boiled lupine seeds (15.6 g) and peanuts (25.8 g) complete this group.

More legumes with protein can be found here.

Grain Has A Higher Protein Content

All types of cereals are very good vegetable protein sources. By cooking them, the proportion of proteins decreases. Foods such as rice (3 g), corn (3.4 g), millet (3.5 g), teff (3.9 g) only contain about one third of the original value then. Oat (16.9 g) and spelt (14.6 g) also supply the body with many essential amino acids.

See a list of grains that are rich in protein here.

Pseudo Grain Is Rich In Vegetable Protein

Amaranth (13.6 g), canihua (18.8 g), chia seeds (16.5 g), buckwheat (13.3 g) and quinoa (14.1 g), also known as pseudo grains, belong to the group of the plant foods that contain most protein. In addition, these foods have a very good amino acid profile. This means that they contain all the essential amino acids for humans in large quantities and therefore count to the high quality protein sources.

Nuts And Seeds As Vegetable Protein Bombs

Pumpkin seeds (30.2 g), sunflower seeds (20.8 g), pine nuts (13.7 g), sesame seeds (17.7 g), flaxseeds (18.3 g) and hemp seeds (31.6 g) are extremely healthy and rich in protein.

Nuts not only contain many healthy fats but also a high proportion of essential amino acids. Hazelnuts (15 g), walnuts (15.2 g) and macadamias (7.9 g) also have a high protein content.

Almonds, pistachios, cashews and peanuts, all belonging to the drupes, have a lot of vegetable protein with 21.2 g, 20.3 g, 18.2 g and 9.2 g.

See more nuts and seeds with protein in this list.

Vegetable Protein In Mushrooms

In this country, white mushrooms and the gladly gathered chanterelles are very popular. But with 3.1 g and 1.5 g, they only contain little protein.

See the list of mushrooms and their protein amount here.

High Protein Fruit

Fruit is low in proteins. Notable foods with some protein are dried apricots (4.9 g), coconut flesh(3.3 g), avocados (2 g), bananas (1 g), Kiwi (1.1 g), oranges (0.9 g), peach (0.9 g), figs (0.8 g), strawberries (0.7 g), watermelon (0.6 g) and pineapples (0.5 g), .

Here you can find the list of fruit rich in protein.

Vegetables High In Protein

As fruit, also vegetables are rather low in protein. The foods richest in protein in this group are kale (4.3 g), artichoke (3.3 g), spinach (2.9 g), broccoli (2.8 g), Brussels sprouts (2.6 g), asparagus (2.2 g), potato (2 g) and cauliflower (1.8 g).

Take a look at the list of vegetables rich in protein.

Vegan Processed Products With Protein

Especially the products produced from the nuts and seeds above as almond or peanut butter are excellent protein foods. In addition, products made of soy such as tofu, tempeh, and soy granules. Other finished products from legumes with a higher protein content are hummus and lupin fillets. The situation is similar with those produced from grain foods. Pumpernickel, whole wheat bread, whole-grain spaghetti and rice, spelt and oat flakes are also very good vegan protein sources.