Juices And Drinks High In Vitamin E

FoodVitamin E
Acai Berry Drink
11.21 mg
Almond Milk, with Chocolate Flavor + vitamin D2, E
4.19 mg
Almond Milk With Vanilla Flavor, sweetened
2.81 mg
Almond Milk With Chocolate Flavor
2.81 mg
Almond Milk
2.81 mg
2.52 mg
Cranberry Juice
1.2 mg
Carrot Juice
1.16 mg
Soymilk, with calcium, vitamin A and D + reduced fat
1.12 mg
Blackberry Juice
900 µg
Vegetable and Fruit Juice Blend, with vitamin A, C, E
870 µg
Pear Juice
470 µg
Rice Drink, with calcium, vitamin A, D
470 µg
Ginger Shot
400 µg
Pomegranate Juice
380 µg
Oat Milk, prepacked
370 µg
Tomato Juice
350 µg
Apricot nectar
310 µg
Peach Nectar
290 µg
Lime juice
270 µg
Celery Juice
270 µg
Mango Nectar
250 µg
Papaya Nectar
240 µg
Cherry Juice
230 µg
Acerola Juice
180 µg
Lemon juice
150 µg
Coconut Milk
150 µg
Tamarind Nectar
150 µg
Tangerine Juice
130 µg
Ice Tea, higher sugar content
130 µg
Prune Juice
120 µg
Cranberry-Apple Juice Drink
120 µg
Soymilk With Vanilla Flavor
110 µg
Soymilk With Vanilla Flavor, with calcium, vitamin A, D
110 µg
Soymilk With Chocolate, with calcium, vitamin A, D
110 µg
Orange and Apricot Juice Drink
110 µg
Soymilk, with calcium, vitamin A and D + defatted
80 µg
80 µg
Guava Nectar
60 µg
Pear Nectar
50 µg
Grapefruit Juice
40 µg
Grapefruit Juice, sweetened
40 µg
Orange Juice
40 µg
Coffee, brewed
40 µg
Pineapple and Orange Juice Drink
30 µg
Pineapple Juice
20 µg
Guanabana Nectar
20 µg
Soymilk With Chocolate Flavor
10 µg
Passion Fruit Juice
10 µg
Coffee, decaffeinated + brewed
10 µg
Apple Juice
10 µg