Legumes And Pulses High In Vitamin C / Ascorbic Acid List

FoodVitamin C
Snow Peas (Sugar Snap Peas)
60 mg
Snow Peas (Sugar Snap Peas), boiled
47.9 mg
Winged Bean Leaves
45 mg
Green Peas
40 mg
Kidney Bean Sprouts
38.7 mg
Cowpeas Leaves
36 mg
Kidney Bean Sprouts, cooked
35.6 mg
Cowpeas (Young Pods With Seeds)
33 mg
Green Soybeans
29 mg
Yambean (Jicama)
20.2 mg
Navy Bean Sprouts
18.8 mg
Yardlong Bean
18.8 mg
Cowpeas Leaves, cooked
18.4 mg
Navy Bean Sprouts, cooked
17.3 mg
Green Soybeans, cooked
17 mg
Cowpeas (Young Pods With Seeds), cooked
17 mg
Lentil Sprouts
16.5 mg
Yardlong Bean, cooked
16.2 mg
Soybean Sprouts
15.3 mg
Beet Burger, Patties From Soy Protein
15.2 mg
Green Peas, cooked
14.2 mg
Yambean (Jicama), cooked
14.1 mg
Mung Bean Sprouts
13.2 mg
13 mg
Lentil Sprouts, cooked
12.6 mg
Green Beans, green
12.2 mg
Mung bean Sprouts, cooked
11.4 mg
Pea Sprouts
10.4 mg
Green Beans, green, cooked
9.7 mg
Soybean Sprouts, cooked
8.3 mg
Alfalfa Sprouts
8.2 mg
7.9 mg
Green Peas, canned
7.8 mg
Pea Sprouts, cooked
6.6 mg
Pinto Beans
6.3 mg
6 mg
Mung Beans
4.8 mg
4.8 mg
Soybeans, roasted
4.6 mg
French Beans
4.6 mg